System Controller

NEUROSYS Customized Controller

Various designs are available according to users' individual environments

Home Appliances

Refrigerator, Water purifier, Bidet, Electric Oven, Air purifier, Washing machine

Commercial Appliances

Refrigerator, Freezer, Showcase, Ice machine, Kitchen Table

Security Devices

Digital Door Lock

Medical Devices

Blood Storage, Pharmaceutical fridge

Renewable Energy Systems


Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Energy saving & cost reduction perfect customization

Features Benefits NEUROSYS Competitors
Custom Functions
Enabling high performance refrigerator. Enhanced market competitiveness. X
Flexible display design. Increased brand value. X
Unique display-cum-main
power cable combination with
minimized insulation loss.
Ensuring insulation integrity and significantly reducing condensation risk. X
Offering a variety of output signal selections as desired. Allowing manufactures respond faster to changing market needs.
Energy Saving Employing rigid BLDC compressor & BLDC fan. Reduced power usage.
Versatility Greater parts interchangeability for repair and maintenance. Reduced inventory level.
(Mass production &
after-sales service)
System Control
Controlling multiple compressors simultaneously with only one controller if multiple low-capacity compressor system is used. Key parts (cooling cycle) cost reduction by limiting a number of controller units. X